Gifts in Wills are an important way for charities to raise funds. After you’ve taken care of loved ones, you may want to consider leaving a legacy gift for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust in your Will and pass on something wonderful to future generations by helping ensuring that our work lives on.

The donation doesn’t have to be large, each and every gift makes a difference. You can choose between leaving a fixed amount, leaving an item or donating what’s left after any other gifts have been given out.

Your donation will either:

  • Be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated
  • Reduce your Inheritance Tax rate, if 10% or more of your estate is left to charity

It’s important to use a solicitor when you write your Will to ensure all legal formalities are documented and carried out, and your Will is written and witnessed correctly.

We receive no government funding for our work, so your donations however big or small really do make a difference.

Find out more about how to leave a gift in your Will here.