It’s disheartening that even in 2021, we have to write on this topic to make people aware. Racial discrimination or racism is not a story of ancient time. It is still present in the UK, and people are still fighting against this social conflict.

The workplace is one of the most common places in our society where you can see racism, the Equality Act UK has a special section for workplace racism. 

Race Discrimination in Work and Training

It’s illegal for an employee to practice any sort of discrimination against you in the UK because of your race. The Equality Act is in place to protect individuals from discrimination in their respective workplace and wider society because of their race, religion, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

Irrespective of the role people have within their job, racism cannot be practised in any possible means according to the Equality Act in the UK.

The act protects you from discrimination at work which includes;

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Promotion
  • Pay and benefits
  • Training and support
  • Dismissal and redundancy
  • Terms and conditions at work

All these things must be similar and equal for every employee and have to be based on their individual merit and qualifications required for their assigned job. An employee’s race, religion, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation must not have an impact on any of the above matters.

What Can You Do?

Discrimination is not acceptable under any circumstances, so if you are experiencing discrimination at work, apart from discussing the matter with your employer to make him or her aware of the situation, you can seek legal advice or contact the Stephen Lawrence Day team to get the right support.

What is Stephen Lawrence Day?

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