Can you picture a world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed, regardless of their background? We’re working hard at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to make that a reality.

Change lives today

Too many young people still struggle to fulfil their potential because they are disadvantaged by factors beyond their control, such as where they are born, the school they go to, or discrimination they may face. At the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, we don’t accept that your background should limit what you can achieve.

Our Friends know that our inspirational programmes make a real difference to the young people and communities we work with, broadening their view of what’s possible and helping them gain the knowledge, skills, and qualifications they need to succeed. As a Friend of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, you can give knowing your support is helping improve lives. In return, we’ll make sure that we let you know how your support is making a difference. Follow the links below to find more about our Friendship schemes.