Do something simple to help others and pass it on!

As we approach Stephen Lawrence Day this year, everyone is facing their own challenges, making it the perfect time to show your support to other people in your community.  We are setting three different kinds of challenges – do good (a simple act of kindness to help others in your community); get creative (express what living your best life looks like for you through your chosen artform); or share the learning (find out about Stephen’s story and share it). Choose the challenge that suits you, or, if you’re feeling ambitions, why not do all three?

Download our ChallengeAccepted pack to find out more.

Stephen Lawrence Day is about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish.

It’s about how you can take actions that help you and others to live their best life.  As we approach Stephen Lawrence Day this year, everyone is facing their own challenges, making it the perfect time to help other people in your community, through simple acts of kindness.

By accepting our challenge and posting it on social media, you can be part of Stephen Lawrence Day and raise people’s spirits with all the positive things people are doing to help and support others.

Getting involved is simple:


Decide what you’re going to do… These are some ideas, but there are plenty of other things you could do…

 • Lots of charities will really struggle financially because of the impact of Covid 19.  Is there  anything you can do to fundraise? You don’t have to leave the house, it could be something as  simple as a sponsored silence. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust would be really grateful for your donations, but you could also raise funds for a charity close to you.

• Some people, particularly if they are living on their own, may be feeling really lonely and isolated. Perhaps you could post a handwritten note to people in your street to let them know you care.

• Share a positive message on-line – may be it’s something you’ve drawn, or a clip you playing a  musical instrument. We’d love it if you posted a picture of your own ‘Because of Stephen…’ card, with as much artistic flourish as possible.

 • Look out for information on ways to get involved and things happening in your local area that you could join in with. Please check with a parent or guardian first to make sure it is safe!

• Don’t forget to include anything you have already done – we want to highlight as many positive actions as we can.

Please remember: it’s important that whatever you choose to do, you are safe. You should take all the precautions you would normally take to be safe, as well as protecting your health.


Take or find a photo… Everyone loves a good selfie. Choose an image that you can post on your social media accounts that fits what you are  going to do or have done.

STEP 3: 

Post it on your social media accounts… Use a brief caption (140 characters or less) to describe what you are doing and add the hashtags #BecauseOfStephen, #StephenLawrenceDay and #ChallengeAccepted then tag in a friend and pass the challenge on to them.