The overarching theme of Stephen Lawrence Day is “Live Our Best Life”.  There are two interrelated strands; one for schools and one for communities. The themes covered in the Stephen Lawrence Annual Day are relevant and applicable to individuals and organisations across society and particularly in multi-cultural modern day Britain.


Building a cohesive, safe and inclusive society must start from when children are very young. In relation to schools, Stephen Lawrence Day intends to:

  • Provide every school-age child and young person with age and contextually appropriate opportunities to learn about Stephen Lawrence, his life and legacy
  • Celebrate and teach children the importance of respect for diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • Reinforce the skills that children need in order to challenge discrimination and racism
  • Reflect on how we can Live Our Best Life


Communities are the bedrock of our schools. They should support, engage and look out for children and young people. Teaching respect and care for each other in line with the 2010 Equality Act is a shared responsibility between schools, parents and their wider communities.