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Stephen: The murder that changed the nation

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In 2018, BBC One broadcast a three-part documentary series titled Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation, exploring the story of the Stephen Lawrence case and the impact it has had on British society in the 25 years since Stephen was murdered. The series won two Grierson Awards (Best Documentary Series and Best Historical Documentary) for its opening episode, ‘The Loss of Joy’.
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A range of short clips from the series are available to watch, and are detailed below. Schools and communities can use these to supplement or follow up Stephen Lawrence Day activities.

"I still hadn't accepted the fact that Stephen was dead"

News archive footage of Stephen's funeral as Mat (Stephen's cousin), Doreen (his mum) and Neville (his dad) describe how they felt on the day. (1 minute 48 seconds)

Public and private grief in the aftermath of the murder

Among scenes of public mourning and anger in the aftermath of Stephen's death, Mat describes the private grief suffered by Doreen and Neville. (2 minutes 9 seconds)

The Macpherson Inquiry

Doreen, Neville and other interviewees, including Jack Straw and lawyer Imran Khan, recall the Macpherson Inquiry and its impact on British society. (4 minutes 14 seconds)

Trial by the media?

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre recalls creating the headline that stirred up fierce debate about journalistic involvement in the case. (3 minutes 47 seconds)

The catalyst for solving the case

Clive Driscoll and Duwayne Brooks retrace the steps of the murder scene, and uncover a revelation that helps to unravel the case. (2 minutes 10 seconds)