We’ve got loads of resources for schools and teachers, if you are homeschooling then we have some great resources for you too!

Homeschooling Resources

Be the next poetry sensation:

This video is a series of spoken word poetry about Stephen Lawrence written and performed by young people, who are part of the Eggtooth project in Hastings.  Watch the video and read our information sheet to learn more about spoken word, use the video as a literary criticism or create your own spoken word.

Download activity here.

Get hands-on building your own bridge:

Stephen Lawrence Day is about being inclusive, and bridges are a way of connecting people and communities. We have set a challenge to build your own bridge, as a great way to think about some of the challenges involved in architecture and engineering.

Download activity here.

Read up a storm:

Reading is a great way to connect with the wider world when you can’t get out.  We’ve created a short reading list of books that are available to read for free on-line.  There is at least one book for young people of every age from 0 to 18 and, in keeping with the positive message of Stephen Lawrence Day, all the books on our list share a common theme of working together to make a better world.

Download activity here.

Learn about Stephen’s story:

This 13 minute video was created by young people at JUST Lincolnshire’s Stephen Lawrence Day event last year.  In the video they act out scenes from Stephen’s story, from hobbies he enjoyed, to changes in the law following his death, and the creation of Stephen Lawrence Day.  You can watch the video here, and there is also a link to it on our activity sheet about some of the ideas and issues it raises.

Download pack here.

Change the story:

Stephen Lawrence Day is about building a fairer and more inclusive society, but that can only happen when we treat everyone with fairness and respect.  Last year JUST Lincolnshire hosted an event to celebrate Stephen Lawrence Day, and young people at the event created videos highlighting the challenges of bullying, homophobia and transphobia.  Each video has questions and activities to help you think about how we can work together to create a society in which everyone can flourish.

Download pack here.

#ChallengeAccepted :

Do something simple to help others and pass it on! As we approach Stephen Lawrence Day this year, everyone is facing their own challenges, making it the perfect time to show your support to other people in your community.  We’re setting you a challenge to help others through simple acts of kindness and post it on social media – let’s make Stephen Lawrence Day full of small, positive actions that make a difference!

Download pack here.

Keep up your GCSE Citizenship studies:

If you are studying for a Citizenship GCSE, BBC Teach has a series of three 10-minute video clips from its award-winning documentary Stephen Lawrence: The murder that changed a nation.  With an introduction by Stephen’s brother, Stuart Lawrence, each clip has teaching notes with questions and activities to support your understanding around GCSE Citizenship.

Watch the videos here.

Access our free resources

We have developed a comprehensive suite of resources that schools can use, including assemblies, tutor groups materials and linked classroom activities which are appropriate to different age groups and social contexts. All resources for schools are free to access.  Find out more.

Make a lasting difference

We have developed a toolkit to provide schools with advice and guidance on how to design and set up a social action project to improve the lives of people in your community. Download the toolkit here.

Raise funds

If you would like your school to mark the day by raising funds for the work of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, we’ve got lots of ideas, from setting a running challenge – Stephen was a keen runner – to organising a non-uniform day with an orange theme – orange was Stephen’s favourite colour.

Download our school fundraising pack full of ideas, advice and guidance.