The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and the national Volunteer Police Cadets have joined together to design and develop youth-led social action projects to improve the lives of people living in their local communities, challenge negative perceptions and make a difference. The training is supported by a booklet which anyone enthusiastic about starting their own project can use to help them identify a local issue they want to address and think through how to tackle it.

Ed Sherry OBE, national VPC Director said ‘We are very proud to be involved in marking the first Stephen Lawrence Day. Our Cadets already run many different social action projects and volunteering. Working in partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust will not only help to build their skills and confidence, but will also increase the impact they are able to have locally.’

Social action projects include activities such as campaigning, volunteering and fundraising – all of which have a massive impact on local communities and young people. Download the Community Social Action Toolkit to find out how to start your own project.