Lilly Cooper is using her creativity to inspire young people in her home town

Lilly Cooper, grew up and still lives in Hastings, a small town on the South coast. Now 21 she divides her time between working in a pub and in a clothes shop, and as a freelancer for a local organisation that works predominantly with young people within the local community.

She is currently working on a project with secondary school children to unlock their creativity, working towards an exhibition of their artwork in the summer. Lilly has also been teaching performance art and spoken word workshops at the local college and writes poetry whenever she can.

You can see Lilly’s spoken word poem about Stephen Lawrence here.

  • What advice would you give to someone aged 13-18 to help them succeed?

Figure out what you love then grab it, or do it, or make it, because you can and there’s nothing stopping you. You’re important and clever – never underestimate your abilities!

  • Given the current situation, what small acts of kindness do you think we could all do that would make a difference?

Check in on people. Contact family and friends to see if they are okay. Asking people if they’re okay is a small gesture but hugely important in this strange uncertain time.

  • Who inspires you and why?

My mother. She is full of love and kindness. She makes everyone around her laugh and smile. I think in this world, things can seem scary or tough, a smile goes a long way!