Baroness Lawrence was pleased to be invited to Dunraven School in southwest London to attend a special assembly led by a group of sixth form students in the run-up to the first annual Stephen Lawrence Day.

Drawing on the educational resources provided to all schools in England by the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (which you can also find here), the Year 12 students ran their own assembly on the theme of ‘Live our best life’, which they presented to Year 7 classes, the Baroness and her son Stuart. This was followed by a Q&A session, which gave the children a chance to ask her any questions the assembly had raised.

The Baroness has always maintained her belief that “the lessons of fairness and respect must start early if we are to have a truly fair and civilised society, free from discrimination where we all play our part as active citizens”, and felt that the students had done a wonderful job of conveying the importance of making positive choices and respecting one another to their younger audience.

She was delighted that they had responded so positively to Stephen’s story, undertaking their own research about how to live their best lives and what this truly meant to them, and enjoyed meeting them and learning about their future plans.

The school assembly at Dunraven will be repeated at schools up and down the country over the next weeks and months as people remember Stephen and feel empowered to make a difference in their schools and communities.